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At Advocate Consultants we offer a full suite of bespoke, confidential coaching and consulting services delivered by experienced, credible, and qualified professionals with a proven track record in enabling businesses, teams, and individuals to achieve their goals. Today’s new environment presents many unprecedented challenges. Now more than ever, to move forward towards new goals a business, team or individual will need to-

Gain perspective

Identify goals

Take appropriate action

Build confidence & resilience to execute

At Advocate Consultants we focus on planning, strategy, and sales management, to move from thinking to doing, and improve performance at business, team, and individual level. All our services can be delivered virtually or in person. Please contact us today for your free consultation to explore how we can help you and your business.

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Executive Coaching

Bespoke executive, leadership & team coaching programmes tailored to every level in your organisation

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Our consultants focus on strategy, training & sales management to improve performance at every level

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Team Dynamics

Our team programmes focus on evoking change and transformation within people and teams

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Personal Coaching

Our coaches enable people to unlock their potential and achieve their goals and ambitions

“Coaching is about learning, change, growth and evoking transformation. Coaching is about working with people to unlock their potential to become their ideal selves in order to maximise their performance and achieve their goals and ambitions both in the workplace and in life…..”

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