3 points to consider when choosing the right coach


Experiences and knowledge set our beliefs, beliefs set our reality and if we limit our beliefs…we limit our reality. Approximately nine out of ten people are blocking their own performance!

A coach will work with you to identify you, your teams’ or your business’ strengths, overcome your self-limiting beliefs and develop a clear plan to move you forward towards achieving your goals.

There are many areas to consider when choosing the right coach, for me there are three key pieces to focus on for you, your team, your business…

  1. Qualifications – Coaching is unregulated so anyone can give themselves the title of coach. Your coach should hold a recognised qualification (under EMCC or ICF) meaning they have undergone an in depth training programme and understand the role of the coach and the appropriate approach and models to employ to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  2. Chemistry – How will you know this coach is the right fit for you or your business? A coach should always offer what I call a chemistry session to help you understand-
  • What coaching is?
  • Is it coaching that is required? *
  • What the process will look like?
  • Can you work with this coach?

*A good coach will call out if coaching is not the solution you need thus saving you time and money

Furthermore I see this meeting as evidence that the coach is showing a commitment to work with you, there should be no fees associated with the chemistry session.

  1. Experience – Is the coach experienced and credible enough to work with you and deliver what you are looking to achieve? Does the coach speak your language? You may need a specific type of coach, for example executive, career, team or life coach. Some coaches also bring a lot of experience from their own working or life backgrounds which may be useful. I would suggest asking for a bio from your potential coach in advance, including their qualifications of course!

Once you have made your decision, a coaching contract should be put in place to ensure that both parties are clear in terms of the level of commitment, honesty, motivation and confidentiality required to take you, your team or your business to where you want to go.

If you would like to discuss this article in more detail or make any other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me at paul.shanley@advocateconsultants.ie

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